Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Morning - well my morning anyway!

Morning around here is Coffee, computer, Cat Stevens (today, it was Kate Bush yesterday), Postcards and Yoga.

And my damn coffee is cold, I am soooo procrastinating this morning.  I need to write my postcards to my aunt, it makes her very happy to get a few postcards everyday from me and I only got one sent last week cause I was moving all my stuff around now I have to make up for it!!  I don't feel like it right now!

I have to leave for work in an hour and a half, I have not even done my Yoga for the morning!  Bad Me!  Got to go get some hot coffee!

Need to check out The Unknown Death Crones (not unknown to me  LOL- luv ya Nix) blog since I posted a reply on there bitching about the organization of Wicca might have started a witch war, oops!  And why does everyone ASSUME you are Wiccan if you believe/worship a Goddess/Moon, that has always bothered me.  I am not Wiccan, I do agree with many of their beliefs but not all, and I have issues with the duality and that is a huge part of Wiccan so don't call me Wiccan, please!!  ARG - get off soapbox its to early for this!  ok back to hot coffee and Yoga - this is not the best combination either.  I think I will finish this discussion later tonight when I get out of work!

Ok rambled on enough  now I have to get going running very late this morning!

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