Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kate Bush - Moments Of Pleasure

Stop all that swirling your making me seasick!
Hmmmm ... Moments of Pleasure.....What are some of mine?

The purr of a cat snuggled up with you
The smell of the fresh rain
Dancing under the Full Moon
The touch of a loving man as he reaches for your hand
Swimming in the ocean at night
The smile of the Full Moon as she looks down on you
Coming home
Waffles/Pancakes with real maple syrup
Cat Stevens in the morning with a good cup of coffee
Apple picking
Ferret whiskers tickling your nose
Peanut Butter & Fluff sandwiches (ok admittedly I am eating one right now)
A good long kiss in the pouring rain!!
Bonfires (and marshmellows)
The smell of a fresh Yule/christmas tree
Having all your bills paid & having enough extra to buy a book or cd after putting some in savings!
The smell of the heat when it first comes on
The smell of a house heated by a fireplace
Actually getting something done on my day off
The sun popping through the clouds on a cloudy day
The smell of the ocean
Riding a horse
Morning coffee with someone you love
Finding something you thought was lost forever
Feeling a past moment from long ago
Feeling Zen
Finding an old friend
Maple Sugar cotton candy
Where ever it is that the scent of Patchouli oil sends me
That warm feeling -  you know the one
The first time you get to open the windows after winter
The first snowfall
Playing in the snow
Listening to the song "The Crystal Ship"
Any time I get to spend with my Uncle Noel
Remembering Joe's sock obsession
Creating Art
Watching the leaves change
Seeing a bear walk into the woods
Sitting by a river
Listening to someone from Southie talk (south Boston)
Sitting down by the Mummies in the MFA
Realizing you might not be happy but you ARE content
Listening to your mothers voice saved on the answering machine
The smells of Autumn

Well I guess thats enough for now  ;-)

So tell me some of yours!!!!!


  1. Waking up w/ my husband snuggled up next to me.
    Laying down at night the same way.
    The smell of Tricia's house in Shreveport.
    Unsolicited affection from my kitties.
    Practical Magic, the movie & the music
    Mom playing with my hair.
    October!!! The Halloween stuff in the stores with all the fall scents. The leaves changing and the air cooling off. Everything about it.
    Riding the motorcycle on a nice night.
    The feel of the moonlight on my skin with a gentle breeze.

    Ok that's what I have for now. :)

  2. Ahhhhh the house in Shreveport thats a good one
    Yup Practical Magic when they blow on the candles and light them that always reminds me of you!

    A long soak in the bath tub with candles & incense
    The smell of apple pie cooking
    Hot Chocolate on a cold night
    The Moon shining down through my livingroom windows
    The smell of Frankincense throughout the house!
    Walking by someone and smelling patchouli oil (hippies like me)

    ok theres a few more for now