Monday, January 27, 2014


I am thinking a change in direction,  I have been trying to pay down all my debt so I can buy something here but now I may have an alternative plan for down the road, I find myself constantly having artist block here and my work when I do get something done is just not of the same quality.   There is no motivation here.  Any suggestions? Most fun I have had and the first time I felt like myself again was when I went to North Hampton MA thing I need to make a few day trips out there when the snow is gone.   Not talking about doing anything soon at all just an idea,  there are no like minded people here it gets lonely need someone to talk to and work with.  Art art art.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Under the Guise of Time

Under the Guise of Times

part 1

Minds full of war and strife
Battle lines of the mind tangled
Anger and rage - lifes dreams abandoned

Leave and left behind all of life
Heart and soul ruined, left and strangled
To survive, all and everything unhanded

Time- evil monster I'm no longer your wife
Your evil twisted my mind - Horrors entangled
All of what was my life gone - left stranded

part 2

Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes longing for life
Avoided questions and answers from the foolish masses
Comfort only seems to come in random glimpses

Who am I now? memories of self only cause tears
Mind twisted bruised lasting scars
Don't know myself, lost myself, lost the moon and stars

For that I have shame
Shame shame shame - shame on you
Shame - you have no shame