Thursday, October 18, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe and Stevie Nicks

 I thought after a night at the theater for a live reading of Poe and boy did the actor look like Poe, it was creepy as Poe should be, any way I thought I would post this. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More stupid women, your making us all look bad!

I am not really an educated woman, I have a few college credits in veterinary med and some in pharma but not enough to amount to anything, money and medical issues stood far to strong in the road for all that.  But I am smart enough to know that my individual actions do affect others, and I also realize that things I do as an individual also reflect on other women as a whole.

Now this blog certainly was not set up to dis women as that would be pretty stupid since I am a women but are we just getting more ignorant as the years go by?

 Because I am sure that my grandmother did not fight for women's rights to give some stranger you just met head in the front of your husbands truck for the world to see !

If some of us would stop acting so blatantly stupid we might actually get  some of the respect that our grandmothers and mothers worked so hard for.

An realize that the guy could care less about you, he is just going to get up in the morning and go to work and brag about it because that is in fact how I heard about it.

Now I am in no way trying to be the morality police but damn right there for everyone to see and not that it would be an excuse but you were nor even drunk.   I totally believe in live and let live but where is the line  drawn on your self respect meter? 

And really its not ok to cheat, its very hurtful.   I couldn't ever do it I would be totally ashamed of myself and guilt ridden and the pain it would cause to the innocent party would not ever be worth it to me. 

OK enough bitching for one night but come on, really.

The Lunacy of women - this is not high school anymore!

Women that make the rest of us look bad!!  Arg!  Sorry have to do a little recap here.... So I have an x that was not very nice all of the time and apparently continued this behavior with the new girl friend (as stated by her) About 2 years ago she started harassing me with emails, text messages and phone calls for weeks, one day I was driving and my phone rang and without thinking I answered the phone, it was her, I figured to late now so I answered her questions and told her what was done to me blah blah blah.  I was left alone for a few days then harassed again asking me to send her pictures.  What kind of woman asks that, anyway I refused to do that, that was just sick.  I believe I probably posted about the whole thing on here at the time, I will look for it to reference the craziness.
 Now its been a while I think 2 years all has been calm, nothing from her at all.  I had refused to change my number because I had done it way to many times.  So nothing all this time well that changed, here we go again.

What the hell if you know your man is contacting other women get a grip he is not honest with you about your relationship and your not honest with yourself or just stupid.  Do Not contact his ex-wives and girlfriends to harass them.  They are not the problem or issue and at this point neither is the man!!  After all this time you know that this is the way this man is and this is what he does however wrong it is, you are the issue now - that is him if you don't like it get out, move on, wake up and get a life.  Put on your big girl panties and be a god damn adult not a 15 year old who just saw her crush kiss another little girl.  He is not going to change leave these other women alone they already grew up and out its your turn.

Women who behave like this are the women that give us all a bad name.  We do not need more women running around acting so foolishly, we need more women who learn and grow, strong women with strong minds.  Women who behave this way are sending us all backwards. 

 And another thing to think about........ you left your husband to be with this man I believe this is called KARMA.  Another thing that makes us all look bad, Moral Check please! Time to grow a spine either deal with him calling and texting/sexting other women, and the other abuse or move the fuck on like the rest of us big girls!  And stop making other women relive this shit because you choose to accept this petty phone shit the other crap is much worse.  Maybe these women do not want to be contacted and now they are being harassed by both parties.  I was stupid and stuck around for black eyes, giant hidden bruises and cracked cheek bones then one day I was almost killed I yanked up those big girl panties and kicked his ass out of MY house (still had to move across the country in the end to feel safe), I was not warned, was 2000 miles from any family and had vast medical issues you were warned, have family and friends there and are not dealing with medical issues, be thankful for these things they are gifts they will help you out.  Harassing the women that survived and moved on is like slapping us all in the face.  All women not just the ones that he is talking to, this world needs more strong women not juvenile ones.

Women are sometimes their own worst enemies!

Love shouldn't hurt!

Women need to work together to stop domestic violence not against each other!!