Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where did this damn cup of coffee come from!!!!

So I am drinking my coffee, I add a bit more to heat it up, I start washing my dishes, then in dawns on me my coffee is over there by the computer - where the hell did this coffee come from?????   ok still trying to figure out that one, dumped it out.

And why is there a woman trying to beat the world record for rubbing hot chillies in her eyes on my TV (BBC one of Gordon Ramseys shows) and more importantly WHY is there a world record for rubbing chillies into your eyes?  Who does thinks .. hmmmmm  I need my 15 minutes of fame I think I will rub hot peppers in my eyes!

Apples are peeled for making the pie when I get home from work, have to make a Mabon Apple Pie!!!

Why do I have so much to write and say today and no time to write any of it!  Just time to ramble!

So where did that coffee come from?

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