Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Best Friend Killed Me or HOW to Kill your friend the right way!!

To avoid getting in trouble at work one of my best friends said that I died, now this did get her out of trouble at work but not with me.  At first I was like You did what? and I was kind of upset but then I thought whatever but then I had a thought "please tell me you did not make me die of cancer" the phone grew silent - she did it, now I am not happy apparently I died on the operating room table, which is probably how I will go no time soon at all thank you!!  So this is where my bitch is .... 

IF you must kill your friends how about letting them have some fun in the process?   What about skydiving, slipping into a volcano in Hawaii, run over by a charging bull while participating in a bull run, heart attack while having sex.  Or how about at least interesting you could try they died in a car chase after running a red light, their stalker caught up with them, they were rescuing a snail from the 3rd rail.  Come on people this is a friends life let them die with some dignity and intrigue.  Make it worth their while, they gave up their life for you!

Some of my personal choices if you must kill me again would be..........
Out for a ride and fell off the back of boyfriends motorcycle and landed on head dying instantly.
At an Aerosmith concert and Steven Tyler falls off stage crushing me to death, however this one led to a better way for me to go.
Died of a heart attack while having sex with Steven Tyler.  (and could we make him a little younger while we are at it?).
Drowned trying to save an otter.
Choked on a Zotz.
Swept off to sea. 

I love you Nikki - good luck trying to never mention me again at least you live in another state from me now so that does make it easier, otherwise there would be mass hauntings.  

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