Saturday, August 28, 2010

Assorted Ramblings

Well hmmmm......... Ramblings         Well here we go!

Ok mindless banter here we come......
Could someone tell me why Blogger always puts the wrong time on my blogs?  And while I am bitching about that why is it that I can't get the gadget that is on my other blog threw Blogger on this blog,  I really would like my Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe gadgets on this blog!!!

Why is it that the nice kind man that lives down stairs from me who wrote me a love song and would treat me decent, why is it that he does not interest me beyond a friend?  Oh wait I can answer that cause he has no real job and goes to meetings every day so I guess the real question is are there any single men that don't have problems with alcohol left out there?  I don't even go to bars so where do they come from?

And why can't I have a cat in my apartment hell if you can smoke you should be able to have a small pet.  Smoke causes about the same or more damage than many small animals would to apartments.   

ok heres a good one - why do I still have artist block?????   

ok done for a little while

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