Saturday, August 28, 2010


ok so I have a few X-Husbands.....
Phil I was married to for about 7 year,  we are friendly with each other and talk on FB it is nice. 
Joe the love of my life after 15 years of marriage had the strangest mid-life crisis I have ever seen.

Foolish Behaving X-husband Restraint
Then there was the violently abusive #3 who on my birthday sent me an e-mail saying Happy Birthday and a few niceties (this is the only way he can contact me) I previously had my cell turned off and got new service cause I was sick of waking up to pictures of his "stuff" in my face.  This seemed to be different and there had been no porno picture emails, so I gave him credit for being kind and sending me the email when my sister did not even bother to tell me happy birthday.  What a friggin' mistake that was, cause apparently this morning 2 days after thinking maybe he has come to his senses what do I get but porno pics of him in e-mail.  What is with that shit?  Men just so you know most women although we enjoy sex and what you do with it, we do not find it attractive to look at, and especially if you are not our husbands/boyfriend or lover whatever the case may be. and after you have sent a woman an e-mail saying "send me a picture of your big titties" (sorry I don't normally talk like that - they are not my words) and if you have sent similar messages 5 or more times and we don't respond to it, it does not mean send us a picture of you close up and naked!!  You know I don't know what happened but I sure did not marry the man he turned out to be.  But I sure as hell divorced the man he turned in to. The man I loved did not really exist (another thing you men should know just be yourselves pretending to be what you think or know we want and not being who you really are will only make BOTH of you miserable!) Back to topic........
Unless a woman asks you for a picture of you naked or you are both "playing" on the phone don't send us close ups of your stuff.  Also I might add people that move 1000s of miles away from you probably really don't want to see that shit anyway!!
Enough said?


  1. One thing I might like to add since the whole Zen thing applies here. I hold no anger towards him for anything he did to me for everything he did to me he did to himself and one day it will haunt him. I am not angry with him - I feel sorry for him because he is a very sick person in need of some serious in house treatment which he will never bring himself to admit so he will continue to destroy all that he loves in life till he totally destroys himself. I wish him well.

  2. Unknown Death CroneSeptember 3, 2010 at 9:20 PM

    Wow. You're a much bigger person than me sweetie. But hey, I can hate him for you. Isn't that what best friends are for? lmao

  3. I love you Nikz - I miss you so. Hate him if you must I just don't have it in me to hate him or anyone I don't think. I do hate the fact I had to leave my home that I owned to get away from all that violence but I have to say I am pretty happy here up on this mountain. I have a few friends I have met since getting here in May or was it June and I have Diane who has known me from the beginning (since I was like 19, so for 25 years - damn I am old). Got a new job, apartment and car so what more can you ask for. I think that means things are good, a bit lonely but good!

  4. Oh one thing my sister did finally say happy Bday. lol