Thursday, August 26, 2010

If on a clear day you can see forever, this is how far you can see on a horribly stormy day at Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
Its my birthday well was my birthday, had nothing to do so I drove all the way across 2 states to go to Portlandhead Light house then to eat lobster dinner after. I owe some serious Karma for my meal of death. got home after midnight. Pretty sucky Bday but what the hell I got some cool ocean and lighthouse picture is a storm and I got to eat 2 lobsters and steamers! OK I took one crustation buddy home with me. Going to watch a movie on NetFlix hmmmmm what should I watch? Well since I watched all of Weeds already I will go with another of the DeZpiX Dead Like Me. My pic for the night would be "What Lies Beneath" with Harrson Ford and Michelle Phiffer (sp) great movie if you have not seen this movie you need to its great! Okz off to watch a movie.

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