Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day Off

So today I am off from work and my aunt sent me a few $ for my birthday so when D said "hey woman, I am getting a pedicure tomorrow want to go?" I said what the hell I never had one before and I have the money I might as well check it out.
Now that was cool the chair even gave me a good message! I will be doing that again! Or maybe a real message, not used to caring about me and how I feel, its a nice but strange change. Look out Diane we might have to pamper ourselves on a regular basis! Just tell your hubby its so you will look good for him! YUP thats it.

At the laundry-mat, just so you know it is 3 walls of huge windows and no air conditioning.  It's like being in a big oven!! I have sweat rolling down my head. Yuck!

All this for clean clothes for work, well I guess its better than wearing dirty clothes that smell like meat, yup the vegetarian slices meat for a living. How ironic is that?

Sometimes you just have to laugh at what life hands you, live it and be it! Thats Zen!

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