Sunday, October 17, 2010

Morning Zen

Well this was yestardays or was it todays Zen rock pile.
 All my days run into each other lately. Work work work.

 Well things I am pondering today.....
 Why is it so hard for me to hate someone who does deserve hatred?
 Unfortunately I believe that I can see past the evil deeds and words and see the sickness that lies within this person and while this may seem like a better way to be or think it accually pisses me off because they do not deserve my care or concern but they have it as anyone else would. But I guess that makes it all Zen and I can live with that but not stupidly and it does piss me off that I can't just hate. It might be the kinder more correct way to be but it just seems to leave something to be desired however I do believe in Karma.

 Another thing I am pondering today is why is it that flannel jammies keep you nice and warm but when you get under the covers they stick to the sheets and end up leaving you wrapped up in a big very uncomfortable knot and then you struggle to free yourself from this mess of you and the covers and remove your jammies from being embedded in places they just don't belong the only thing you can do at this point is to take the nice warm flannel jammies off and throw them on the floor and go back to sleep naked and coldm. Dosent this defete the whole purpose of wearing the flannel jammies? Just sayin'.

 Kiss the ones you love everyday and dance freely under the light of the moon at every possible chance you get! Blessed Be to all.

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