Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning thought for today

NH Waterfall at the Big Eddy
This morning is a slow dragging morning - I don't feel like doing much!  got to be to work in 90 mins still need to do yoga...... ARG

It was snowing a little earlier!!  You can see the snow on the top of some of the other mountains around me but nothing on the ground here yet.

Things I am pondering .....  Why does a man ask your friend for your phone # yet never call - that is just stupid!!  Why bother ???  Wasted effort.

I need more coffee - I was bad this morning I never eat in the morning but today I started my day with Trader Joes Wintery Blend coffee (yummy - I suggest this coffee to everyone - it kicks ass full of bold spices and more) and Cracker Jacks yes I ate a whole bag of Cracker Jacks while I sat here at this computer with my coffee.  Now I am going to eat all day - that why I never eat in the morning it starts a all day feeding freindzy!!

Ok sorry this is so short but I am gonna be late for work and I NEED to do my yoga!!!!  Why is it that Good habits are so hard to form!!  Why after months of doing yoga at least 1 or 2 times a day must I still force myself to do it.  I love yoga and it makes me feel great so what is the problem???  Any suggestions??

Its a Full Moon - Dances in beautiful circles under it, bask in its beauty and whisper your dreams to the Goddess!

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