Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burning souls of poets and passion, demons within spilling out.

Why is it that there are no great poets any more??  And by poets I don't mean the kind of writers that sit and write poems.   I mean the men and women too that live there life as poetry?  There used to be so many of these people years ago, now where are they?  Where are the Jim Morrison, Freida Kahlo (artist), John Lennon, Arlo Guthry, Abby Hoffman (activist), Jane Goodall (activist), Oscar Wilde, Karen Silkwood even Allen Ginsburg of our, this time of the right now.

The 60s were full of them and many of them spilled right in to the 70s. Artists, Poets, People with a real message and/or cause tortured souls but poets of life and poets of the soul no less.

There was some hope of this return to poetry in the 90s with Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder but as with Morrison, Kurts inner fire burned him out and off to calmer places, I can see the 2 of them cruising through the desert together through the night haunting other lost souls.  And as for Eddie Vedder well I don't know what happened there.  The poetry of what becomes your life is a hard thing to survive if you are a true poet of life.  Living life of pure thought and passion, its not something most of them can give up, death would be better than giving up.

Is it that the world would not except these poets of life now?  Would we call them terrorists of the mind?  Not all these poets of life had a cause or a point at all beyond a command from within to be true to their art and/or themselves.  But they were poets and artists of this thing we call life, giving there all and some of them their lives for art or a true cause.  I want my poets of life back, where have they gone?

Is it that there have been 3 decades of drab chickens born, no I don't believe that.  Hmmmm.....  3 decades of people glued to their chairs staring at a an electrified box of some kind or another could that be it? .......

There will be more on this topic but I must get ready for work...

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