Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Art of Zen Rock Stacking!

My peaceful Zen stones all river rocks collected from my travels. I have a big bowl of them, I close my eyes & grab at least 5 of them & then sit peaceful & have my moments of Zen trying to stack them & some times that is a major event because some of them are very round & when I pick them what I touch is what have to stack! This might all sound a bit silly to you but my mind is too busy for meditation. But this IS meditation in a different form. It relieves stress & focuses the mind in the same exact way.

And I mention all this at 5:30AM because my sister is here, I can not seem to fall asleep, she is snoring away & now to top it off the alarm on her phone is going off & has been for the last ten minutes. So this would be such a lovely time to destress & focus on my Zen rocks but I might smash the phone with the very loud & fake sounding chirping frogs & crickets that is not waking her up but a rock might. Oh I guess thats not very Zen of me but I am a Witch not Buddhist, LOL

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