Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So I am bored at the laundrymat..... This pic is from my last day off when I went to the farm to get groceries. So why is it the this new girl at Dunkins' insists on putting liquid sugar in my Iced Coffee? You think after the first few time I said yuck I didn't ask for that crap that she would stop but nope she did it again. Just my bitch for the night. I am off today and tomorrow and I have nothing to do! Its getting chilly here so jumping in the river is out since its dark & cold & thats not to safe alone in the dark otherwise I would probably go do that when I get done with this damn laundry. Maybe tomorrow I will journey to Southwicks Wild Animal Farm I have not been there in about 20 years Joe and I used to go there every week and take my little brother. It is strange enough living back in New England but going there without Joe will be very strange (if you did not read the
begining posts Joe was my husand of 15 years - he is commonly refered to as the good husband!)

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